Monday, August 22, 2011

Columbus Busy Bag Swap for Preschool Age

This Swap is now closed. Stay tuned in October to see what we get!

I recently read about a group of people doing a busy bag swap and thought I'd try having a swap locally to cut down on costs (no postage required). So if you want to have a variety of activities for your preschool aged child to do, here's how it works:
  1. The swap will include up to 30 swappers which means up to 30 activities for you to take home. If you are interested in participating, look over the activities below and select your top 3 choices. Or if you have another idea of your own, you can submit that as well. The idea is to select a project that can be done for $1 or less per bag so look around your house and see what things you already have available to you as you select an activity. 
  2. Tell your local friends about this!
  3. By September 10th I will e-mail you with your assignment. If you have not heard from me by then, please comment here to notify me after checking your spam folder.
  4. You will have until September 25 to complete your 30 packets. You can drop your packets off at Veritas Community Church (325 2nd Ave Columbus) Thursday, September 22 from 12-3 or Sunday, September 25 from 8-12 or if you know me, you can give it to me. All packets must be submitted by 12 pm on Sunday September 25th.
  5. I will sort the sets and they will be available for pick up by October 2nd. 
Here are some ideas from Unsolicited Advice's Busy Bag Swap:

Shapes & Colors
--Shape Hunt & Sort
-- I Have, Who Has Game
(That's a lot of printing, but the game looks so fun. Wonder if you could play the game with just half the number of cards?)
--Double Trouble Shape Match
--Popsicle Color Match
(Make it with felt rather than paper to make it withstand the use of small children)
--Pom Pom Patterns

 Numbers/Counting/Early Math
-- Number Wheel
 --Five Fabulous Frogs
(Can use any object and you can make your own sorting mats on smaller sheets of paper)
--Measure It
--Laminated Numeber Tracing Cards and a WASHABLE crayon or dry erase marker
(To keep the cost down, maybe you could just do one page, the numbers 1-12. If you use a crayon, it must be a Crayola washable crayon or it will not wipe off.)
--Felt Number Tiles and Bug Counting Cards

--Any of these alphabet activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler
--Felt Letter Tiles and Alphabet Tile Cards

Just for Fun
--Playdough and Play Mat(s)
(Some ideas: Number MatsLetter MatsShape Mats look under "shapes", Berry Pie MatCarrot Planting,Facial Expressions, Feeding Giraffe, )
--Felt Cupcake Decorating
--Spooning Beads
--Felt Snowflake Builder
(For the board, you can simply glue a sheet of felt to cardstock)
--No Sew Felt Fishing Game

Here are a few more ideas from Money Saving Mom
-Clothesline Busy Bag
And feel free to use your own creative idea or another idea you've seen somewhere else!

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  1. Hi, I see you are using a couple of my activities for your swap. Hope your swap goes well, I am just about to send off my package for a second swap that I signed up for. I have to admit it has been a little addicting! Let me know if anyone has any questions. My projects are the felt snowflake builder and the felt cupcake decorating. Have fun!